• This Driver Alert a bio-gravity amplifier, it has been designed, especially to combat the demands of long duration and distance driving. Research shows that driver fatigue can seriously affect a person’s normal driving ability long before they actually fall asleep at the wheel. When you drive a car, you are sitting in a metal box with considerable electrical interference all around you. Simply put the shield in the cars cup holder, ashtray or any well close to the driver.
  • Electronic Device Shield   The purpose of the shield is to maintain the balance of the body’s polarity and energy fields from low grade electro-magnetic radiation emitted from computers and household electrical devices such as Freezers, hair dryers and microwaves. Simply peel off the sticky tape cover and attach to the device.
  • Home Shield EMF E-Smog Protection

    The purpose of the device is to form a protective force shield to combat and neutralise the low frequency electro-magnetic radiation caused by the electrical wiring within the home. Simply attach the shield to the fuse or power distribution panel.


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