Driver Alert


This Driver Alert a bio-gravity amplifier, it has been designed, especially to combat the demands of long duration and distance driving. Research shows that driver fatigue can seriously affect a person’s normal driving ability long before they actually fall asleep at the wheel. When you drive a car, you are sitting in a metal box with considerable electrical interference all around you.

Simply put the shield in the cars cup holder, ashtray or any well close to the driver.


Some findings conducted after 2.5 hours motorway drive.

  • Brain Ballance (sleep tiredness, fatigue, co-ordination) down by42%
  • Visiondown by 39%
  • Mental & Emotional Vitality down by 40%
  • Psychological (temper, tiredness) down by 41%
  • Performancedown by 50%
  • Cellular(Cell Vitality) down by 36%
  • Bodyreaction to radiation intrusion down by 42%

All of the above effects were restored to within 2% of the original value by the Driver Alert


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