Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy is a unique treatment that enables the client to gently and painlessly engage in a unique process to energetically transition through subconscious blockages; unhooking past traumas and limiting beliefs which are either inhibiting or impacting the clients desire for positive change.

‘You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’….Einstein

A fear-based trauma can cause mis-guided actions that can result in painful experiences that can create limiting beliefs, which skew our thinking and lead us to more fear-based trauma’s.

Patrick Walsh’s unique therapy helps us take a gentle path towards change.


The treatment itself is amazingly effective and it couldn’t be simpler!

The client focuses on the problem or issue they wish to shift, they create an intention with the practitioner that will help them move forward. By using a heart centering technique, the ‘Colour Sheets’ and the ‘Journey sheets’ the client and practitioner are almost ready to complete their well-being journey.

Patrick then utilises a unique and powerful healing tool!

Patrick has developed a method of putting the body of the practitioner and the client into temporary polarity. This means both the practitioner and the client’s electrical system is protected from the daily bombardment of Electro Magnetic Fog/Smog (EMF or EMS). We are all suffering to greater and lessor degrees from the alarmingly increasing impact of electrical interference; emanating from mobile devices, the electrical grids in our homes, microwaves, fridge freezers, computers and 4G or 5G networks.

The process of Colour Bio-Psychology might be simple but the science behind Patrick’s work is a little more complicated. Patrick invented a device called ‘The Polarity Equalizer’ or ‘Energy Reset Button’which takes the clients body out of electromagnetic stress and induces a polarity and an equilibrium. The body is now able to respond in the present moment. The emotions are balanced between future strategy and past experiences. Both parts of the mind conscious and sub-conscious can connect and a clear sight is available. Using this device and tapping into the Sub-Conscious mind an effective gentle journey to positive changes is achievable.

Patrick offers one to one Colour Bio-Psychotherapy consultations.

Suzanne and Patrick offer training in Colour Bio-Psychotherapy.