Body Shield


Body Shield EMF E-Smog Protection

Wear it around your neck or put it in close proximity to the body (a pocket or a bag).

Protects from background electromagnetic pollution that the body is subjected to in the course of a normal day’s activity. It helps to regain normal vitality by balancing out stress, so you feel calmer and more able to adopt a positive attitude.

Although it will help with the effects of unshielded mobile phones, WiFi and other electronic devices is not expected to be a replacement for the more focused shields.


Developed By: Patrick Walsh,
Pulse Research & Development UK
Patent No: GB2364602

Life shields are made from Micro-crystals which Protects your cells vitality against the universal environmental pollution emanating from ourmobile phone network, Wi-Fi, computers and the electrical grids running around our homes and the endless appliances we plug into them.

These unnatural electro-magnetic fields are invisible and cannot be felt. Modern day technological advancements continually increase our exposure to these adverse energy fields. Altering the bodies polarity may cause problems such as headaches, drowsiness, muscle aches and pains, increased stress levels and difficulty in concentrating, just to mention a few.

Well -being and stress are a constant theme in trying to manage a daily work/ life balance. The physicality and electrical interference during our working and resting day are often overlooked. These shields can have a significant impact, with wearers discovering that much of their physical and emotional stress can be relieved by protecting the cells from energy frequency distortion from low grade electro-magnetic bombardment.

The Life-shields system provides the cellular protection the body needs to vibrate at its optimal frequency.


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