Patrick is the inventor of Bio-Psychology Therapy. Treatment for unresolved experiences and traumas that affect a person’s life using special diagnostic colour charts and the use of a special light to remove the problem.

Patrick is also the inventor of the unique Shield system, to protect a person from the effects of electromagnetic radiation. These are passive devices and require no batteries and only need to have contact with the source you wish to protect.

Patrick’s time is also dedicated to serving as a working Spiritual Medium at Psychic Fairs with the Colour Therapy System, private personal treatments and church services. He works closely with his Spiritual Guides and 11 Archangels to help people cope with our fast changing World.

Patrick is a Spiritual Teacher and holds regular Courses and Workshops on Advanced Spiritual Development and Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy.

Patrick Walsh - Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy and Hypnotherapist, psychotherapy Counsellor,


Relaxation, meditation and self healing colour therapy alternative medicine is a practice that uses technology to help sooth and repair the mind and body from every day stresses. A therapist will use colour and light to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy in the body. Other names include Chromotherapy, Colour Bio-Psychology, Chromo or Chroma therapy.

What Is Colour Bio-Psychology?

In a scientific study of human behaviour, its diagnostic charts show you where your emotional problems are causing you unhappiness and loss of vitality. We use scientific methods through colour to work out the real cause of your unresolved problem that hold you back in life from being happy with yourself.

How Does Colour Bio-Psychology Work?

The special colour diagnostic charts provide the understanding to a person’s problems. These emotional blockages can be defined, these interferences that cause your low vitality and unhappiness with your life can be removed safely.

Through colour identification and visual methods it allows us the opportunity to identify the type of problem you are trying to overcome in your life today. The special coloured light is used to help you remove the effects of the problem so you can regain your happiness once more.

How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Because Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy studies the unobservable effects of behaviour, treatment can take between 20-30 minutes.


Are you stressed out with work or problems? Have you forgotten how to relax?

Would you like to come and join a friendly group of people and enjoy a feeling of peace and learn how to meditate?

These evenings are all about different spiritual exercises and how to connect with the Archangels and your Guides to ask for help in your daily life. Those people who have joined us have been very surprised! Please phone : 01778 – 423351



Within our personal environment we are all bombarded by electric and magnetic radiation, today such protection is available. The unique Shield devices are Bio Gravity Field Amplifiers, been designed to protect you within the home and your personal environment from daily effects of destructive electrical pollution and magnetic forces which can alter human body polarity.

  • Protects from  radiation

  • Helps overcome driver fatigue

  • Protection from electric and magnetic radiation


Private readings are now available during July, August and September for an appointment please contact Patrick.


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